To help with those situations where you need to summarise the importance of the Twilight Zone quickly, we have been running an activity to create 5 key messages.  

With many thanks to all those who provided input here they are:

  • The Twilight Zone is the most exciting place you…

As part of its webinar series, the OceanICU project recently ran a webinar on Fish Carbon.

Panelists were Andre Visser, Jacob Bentley and Dave Reid - with moderator Debbi Pedreschi.


You can watch the recording and download the slides here...


The Vision 2030 process will provide the answer to the question: What does success look like for the 10 Challenges of the Ocean Decade?


The deadline to submit applications for Decade Contributions is 31 January 2024 23:59h UTC

The current Call for Decade Actions elevates the concept of Co-Design in a new way. If you are in the Caribbean region, or in Africa, or have colleagues there, there are a lot of opportunities in the pipeline not only for Co-…


It strengthens JETZON to have a clearer picture of all the great work and engagement done by the Twilight Zone community.


Whether talking to a local school, giving an interview for a media outlet or talking at COP28 - anything Twilight Zone related -  please let us know. Even better, mention JETZON as part of your activity.


Simply add a few details here:


29 November 2023, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Rupert Howes, Joanna Post, Dr John Siddorn, Dr Siva Thambisetty, Professor Elizabeth Robinson, Dr Darian McBain


Sheikh Zayed Theatre, Cheng Kin Ku Building, LSE Campus and online

Many conversations about sustainability and climate-change focus on activities on…


We would like to gauge the ECR community's interest in attending a series of short, engaging poetry workshops. The workshops would aim to 

(i) explore new ways of communicating research, and 

(ii) remind us of the wonder of the OTZ world we are researching, something that it is often all too easy to lose sight of in an age of accelerating climate…


Sam Clevenger (MIT/WHOI) is giving a public presentation as part of her PhD defence Thursday, November 16, 2:00 PM. Title is

REGISTER in advance:…


We welcome two new projects to JETZON focusing on the mesopelagic zone (mainly fish) of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Greek Seas)…

MesoBED -

TWINKLE about to start and website under construction


Karine Kvale ( and Clara Manno ( want to establish a working group on microplastics in the Twilight Zone. Please contact them directly if you are interested.