JETZON jobs and PhDs

(1/2) Modelling post-doc at MIT/Stanford

We're looking for a postdoc to develop and explore a new ocean biogeochemistry model as a part of CliMA. The appointment is at MIT in collaboration with Carnegie (Dept. of Global Ecology; Stanford) and NOC. The postdoc would ideally spend time both in California and Boston, though this is negotiable. Details below, with the full description here.

Role. We seek to fill a postdoctoral position in the Bringing Computation to the Climate Challenge (BC3) flagship project, a collaborative effort between faculty across many MIT departments, and scientists at the Carnegie Institution for Science (Dept. of Global Ecology, Stanford) and the National Oceanography Center (NOC; Southampton, UK). The postdoctoral scholar will develop the ocean biogeochemical component of a new climate model developed as part of the Climate Modeling Alliance (CliMA) in the Julia language. Research will focus on parameterizing the key biologically and chemically driven transformations in the ocean that impact the climate system in new ways that leverage the expanding availability of Earth system observations. Research will include (though it is not limited to): collaboratively developing machine learning or other data assimilation approaches to inform the parameterizations, implementing the parameterizations into the ocean component of the CliMA model, and developing and leading innovative studies using the new module.

Requirements. We seek a candidate with a strong interest in understanding how ocean biogeochemistry modulates the climate system and with experience in scientific programming and numerical modeling.

Location. The position will ideally involve spending time at two different geographical locations: MIT and Stanford. The postdoctoral scholar will work under the supervision of Dr. Emily Zakem at the Stanford University campus of the Carnegie Institution for Science to develop the core of the biogeochemical module and under the supervision of Prof. Raffaele Ferrari at MIT and in collaboration with the CliMA team to implement the module in the CliMA climate model. The specifics of the time spent at each location will be agreed upon with the candidate.

Contacts. Dr Emily Zakem (, Prof Raffaele Ferrari (


(2/2) Two PhD and a post-doc position at Climate- and Environmental Physics department of the University of Bern

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